Our Beers

Our Beers

Red Door - 7.2 % abv

American Red Ale that combines the citrusy and earthy flavors of an IPA with a dry but flavorful amber malt profile, to make a surprisingly crisp and easy drinking red ale. Ingredients: Organic malted barley and wheat, organic hops, ale

Dark Wild, Second Anniversary Ale - 7.0 % abv

Brewed to celebrate our Second Anniversary, a funky, medium-dark saison for the winter months. Brewed with wild yeasts and souring bacteria blended in the brewery, this ale represents a progression through 2 years of brewing, learning, creating and taking risks at Freehouse.

ALE Back - 5.4 % abv

Put some “ALE” back into your Pale Ale. This beer celebrates the sweet, malty flavors of traditional country ales and bitters, balanced with robust American hops exclusively from organic farms in Michigan! The resulting beer is just malty enough to

Sourlina Kiwi Peche - 5.8 % abv

South Carolina Kiwi Peach Fruit Sour Ale. Brewed with our wild native yeast blend, and aged 8 months on organic SC kiwis and peaches. A tart and refreshing native beer with a complex fruit profile from the best our state

Double Door, Double IPA - 8.2 % abv

Crisp, golden strong IPA, brewed as a double of our signature organic Green Door IPA. A drinkable, fresh, and hoppy! strong ale. Open the Doors. Ingredients: Organic malted barley, organic hops, house ale yeast. .

Kiwi Blueberry Sourlina - 5.6 % abv

South Carolina Kiwi Blueberry Fruit Ale. Brewed with wild local yeast and lactobacillus, aged 6 months on organic SC kiwis, and then blended with freshly picked organic SC blueberries from Black Pearl Farms before packaging. A berry tart and refreshing native beer with

Hibiscus Lemongrass Saison - 6.5 % abv

Fruity and acidic saison for spring brewed with organic hisbiscus and lemongrass, and fermented with a house blend of traditional, local and wild yeasts. Rose colored with a tart and bitter finish. Light and refreshing. Ingredients:  Organic malted barley, organic

High Wire Hoodoo Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 11 % abv

Hoodoo Imperial Stout aged in fresh High Wire Distilling 4 grain whiskey barrels..

Amber Farmhouse - 6.2 % abv

Slightly darker and wilder sister of the Ashley Farmhouse.  Light, fruity, easy drinking amber ale, brewed with a house blend of our Farmhouse, British, and local SC wild yeasts, as well as local lacto and traditional Brett Lambic. The perfect copper-colored

Rude Boy - 7.5 % abv

Strong Amber Ale brewed with rye malt for a Rude and spicy kick. Bittersweet and boozy.  Named for the ale quaffing street hooligans of olde time Britain, this unique beer is stock full of robust flavors so even the rudest boy takes

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