Our Beers

Our Beers

Morning Glory – Imperial Organic Coffee Stout - 9.0 % abv

Smooth and mellow light bodied imperial stout blended with organic cold steeped coffee from LowCo Coffee Roasters. A glorious morning flavor that’s strong enough to knock you right back in bed.

Little Nug - 5.2 % abv

Hoppy, silky, tropical.  A dry-hopped pale ale. Very little bitterness or malt sweetness, this beer crosses the boundaries of clean, crisp and juicy all at once. An ode to organic American hop varietals. Those gorgeous green nugs were plucked from the

Foxtrot - 6.5 % abv

A wild, pale-reddish, funky saison – with a taste the trots down your tongue like the rogue railroad fox that patrols the tracks behind our brewery. Changing from sour, to bitter, to funky, this local wild ale rules the road

Blueberry Peche Sourlina - 5.7 % abv

South Carolina Blueberry Peach Fruit Ale. Brewed with our house wild culture and local organic fruit, aged 8 weeks on first of season peaches, and then blended with blueberries for packaging. A berry tart and refreshing native ale with a complex fruit profile,

Pink Squirt Saison - 6.5 % abv

Pink-hued saison so tart, wild and citric it makes your mouth squirt with love! Brewed with organic hibiscus flowers, tangerine and lemon zest, and our wild house yeast blend, this seasonal, zesty ale is perfect for a warm Spring day.

Southern Blaze Saison - 6.5 % abv

Bursting with the bright orange color of SC’s blazing Azaleas, this wild springtime saison is the flowering of a bright new flavor from our native, wild house yeast blend. Tart and citric with a bitter finish, some may call sour.

Huila Davila Imperial Colombian Coffee Stout - 9 % abv

Our organic, silky smooth Hoodoo Imperial Stout blended with cold-steeped organic dark roasted Colombian coffee from a cooperative in the famed Huila province of Colombia, sourced and locally roasted at Francisco Davila’s organic coffee roaster in Mt. Pleasant. SC. Dark

The MULLET - 5.5 % abv

An India Pale Coffee Brown, most certainly one of the first of its kind. Dark tan in color with subtle roast and coffee notes up front (business) and citrusy, piney hoppy flavors on the back (party). Ever versatile, The Mullet

Funky Farmhouse Ale - 6.5 % abv

Our first and oldest “funky” beer in the cellar. We took a small portion of our Ashley Farmhouse Ale and added a single strain of the funkiest yeast we know, Brett Lambicus, to the brew for secondary conditioning in the

Imperial Farmhouse Ale - 9.0 % abv

Strong golden farmhouse ale. Soft and fruity with a warming alcohol backbone. Refreshing, warming winter gold. A classic unique strong saison for the bright days and cold nights of the Lowcountry winter..

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